When to Stop the Replay

Come on, raise your hands! We are all guilty of replaying events in our lives. Now, mind you, some events are significant to replay as often as we want. They bring us joy, lift us up when we are struggling, and heck, we all desire more feel-good moments in our day. How about the day... Continue Reading →


A one word title probably makes you go "what is she focusing on?" In my sudden change of life, from a decision not my own, I am learning to change my focus. Funny how that happens when life gets uprooted. What do I do? Do I focus on the situations that triggered the sudden change?... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

All journeys have a beginning whether good or bad.  This journey has the intention of sharing both the good and bad, the struggles and pain, the not-so-smart moves and the consequences that followed.  Life is a journey, and it's how we travel down that journey that will influnce how we are as a single human... Continue Reading →

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