You’ve heard the phrase”squirrel”? What constitutes your “squirrel”? No I’m not meaning look for a squirrel, rather something grabs your attention away from what you are currently doing.

What keeps you from doing what you know you need to do?

Social media, we all know how cleaver Facebook or Twitter is at grabbing our attention and not letting go.

How about that addictive reality T.V. show or sitcom that makes you come back for more.

Then there is the lack of energy, lack of desire, or the cat that won’t leave your lap that won’t let you get back to what you are suppose to be going.

Even now, I struggle to write this blog. I want to but my thoughts in writing to help others. And how many months later am I actually finishing it.

That dang squirrel just won’t let me go. That is until I make the decision to focus, turn the distractions into productive creativity.

To turn the distraction into positive outcome, whether with work assignments, finishing the book put off too long, or the house work that won’t take care of it’s self.

No matter what you’ve started, or said you were going to start, don’t allow the squirrels to keep you away from it.

What’s the phrase from Nike:

”Just Do It”

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