It Will Take Time

How many of us think we should be able to bounce back from a harsh training session or a nasty cold? Maybe the young, in their twenties or thirties, friends can; but some of us more mature folks need a little more time.

You are done with (_______________) you fill it in and now you think you will recover immediately!! NOT so fast!!! It won’t happen. “It’s been two weeks why am I not _________?” You fill in the blank

When our bodies got trashed, and not from alcohol or bad drugs; well anyways our bodies need time to recover. Consider a long distance trail runner, a triple overtime basketball game, or a tennis player competing in Wimbledon; the athletes need time to recover-and hopefully they don’t have a big test/game the next day.

It’s time to recognize how we were in the past is the past, I am not like I once was before the big “C” visited me. I recognize the future is uncertain, but what is certain is the present.

Every day I moved forward, regaining strength, confidence in my abilities, and faith in God I became better than the day prior.

Remember, it takes time.

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