The Interview

Let’s start this post with what has been your personal reactions to an interview? Good, bad, yuck, why did I waste my time, etc?   

We go to interviews because we are looking for a job, interviewing perspective living communities, or a contractor to do work in your home. In each case, the questions are different, however, the answers should be correct to the question asked. At least that’s the hope for the one asking the questions. Have you asked a question and got an answer that was way out in left field?

Back to the job interview. When you see the look in the eye of the interviewer or the change in the tone of their voice you start to get the gut feeling of “darn”. My recent experience resulted with not real confident about it when I was walking to my car afterwards, and the email two weeks later confirmed my feeling.

All that said, what can we learn from interviews. First, they don’t always go as we think they should go. Second, there will always be questions that will stump us, and how we react verbally and non-verbally will be captured. Third, be ready the best you can and if you are to get the job it will happen.

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