Wisconsin Hidden Beauty

Would you travel on a bridge that you didn’t know where it was leading you to? In 2017 I had the privilege to travel down this bridge to opened up to a great view of western Wisconsin. I was less than an hour from my destination and need a nature break. So I stopped at... Continue Reading →


The Mute Button, the option on our remotes to silence what’s every on the T.V. with their various messages, foul language being spoken in a movie, or the radio and it’s constant noise, or whatever we have playing.  We use it because we want to control the information entering our heart and minds (you know-information... Continue Reading →

What you can learn from Sumo

What is Sumo? It is a Japanese national sport that a full contact form of wrestling, where each wrestler (rikishi) attempts to force his opponent out of a circular ring (dohyō) or cause their opponent to touch the ground with any body part other than the soles of his feet (usually by throwing, shoving or... Continue Reading →


What’s Whitewash? Is it making something look better, like a white picket fence? Is it getting buried in snow, like a foot of it. Is it covering up something, using whitewash to make it look good when in reality there’s some work to be done.  How often do we try to cove things up? Use... Continue Reading →

We Made it!!!!

Yes, we made it to 2022. 2021 wasn’t easy, but we can say it was easier than 2020. So what’s next? How about taking a pause and recognized what you accomplished, what you learned about yourself in 2021. You might be surprised! For me I succeed in starting 95% of my days with Scripture reading... Continue Reading →

Where is God?

Many are asking that questionWhere is God? You might be saying: “I’m dealing with this issue or that disease, and yet where is God?” “He feels so distant from me, I don’t hear Him or see Him working in my life.” Life’s trauma, life’s struggles aren’t meant to drag us away from God, on the... Continue Reading →

Our Words

This is a short post... Actually I'm asking you to read someone else's post... OverwritingWritten by Seth Godinhttps://seths.blog/2019/06/overwriting/

How do we make it to the end?

You might be asking... to what end? Ok, let me explain. Each of us has probably encountered a significant struggle in their life; it might be a dangerous job situation or just lost a job, diagnosed with cancer, lost a loved one, or maybe marital strife. All of these can shack anyone to the core,... Continue Reading →

Customer Service — Show Respect

Back in the day when I wasn’t so gentle with customer service folks I had an encounter with a customer service rep on the phone with whom I was having a difficult time with. I wasn’t thinking straight and she stepped on my last nerve; well, actually that wasn’t the only person who stepped on... Continue Reading →

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